Monday, 15 July 2013


Monday is here and after a lovely weekend in the sun i'm sure most of us would have loved another day sat in the sun but knowing we had cake to look forward to made it 10X better.

Everyone meet Liz, Rachel and Charlotte... this was a tough bake off especially with the fact we had to pick two winners. 


Now you can see why it was so difficult to choose our two favourites. I didn't mind that I had to do that; I was more than happy to judge cake by eating it! 

Cake A baked by Liz was Chocolate Marble Cake. 

Cake B baked by Rach was Pop Cakes. 

Cake C baked by Charlotte was Vanilla Cupcakes with a a lemon frosting :)

They all tasted amazing, I could have devoured them all but I refrained myself from doing such a thing. 

It came to the voting part and apparently it was very close, i'm surprised the three of them didn't win because those cakes were so gooooooooood! 

I'm pleased to announce the winners and they are..... 

Liz and Charlotte. 

Congratulations both and best of luck in the semi finals. 

Someone make ice cream and bring us some, we're only in Redditch. PLEASE :)