Monday, 24 June 2013

We will rock you... 

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ZIG Calligraphy Pen – Pure Black
ZIG Painty - Gold and Silver

Once again Beckie Dreyer never fails to impress us. This time she brings us a 'You Rock' card...

This fun card is great for any ‘Rocker’ in your family and especially dad at this time of year! The ZIG Calligraphy pens are perfect for accenting your cards and the brush markers help create some fab writing!

Here’s how I did it …..
To make the ‘you rock’ topper, write using the brush end of the ZIG Scroll and Brush pen.  Hold the pen and push the pen to the paper as you pull it downwards.  When you do the up strokes hold the pen lightly and just gently touch the paper to give the thin line.   

Here is a little video which maybe a bit easy to see how I wrote ‘rock’... 

Decorate with some silver dots with the ZIG Painty pen.
Edge the topper with the black ZIG Calligraphy pen and colour in sections.  Draw some dots using the thin end of the ZIG Calligraphy pen.  Attach this to your card.
Use the thin end of the ZIG Calligraphy pen to draw some zig zag lines, this is perfect for helping to hold the pen at the correct angle! ;)
If desired, edge the card with silver dots using the ZIG Painty Pen.

Thank you Beckie - we love it :) 

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