Saturday, 1 June 2013

Stamp it your way... 

I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend. 


Whilst your reading this, Danni and I will have just finished our first Workshop at CardCraft Plus in Preston and I wanted to show a snippet of what we would have be creating... 
Everyone loves receiving cards especially if they are handmade. Here is how they are produced... 


1. Pick your chosen stamp and using the ZIG® Art and Graphic Twins apply the ink from the pen onto the stamp.
2. Press firmly onto your chosen card. 

3. Leave to dry or using the ZIG® Art and Graphic Twins apply more colour and if necessary blend the colours with the ZIG® H2O Brush. The H2O Brush is fantastic with the Art and Graphic Pens because it turns them into a water colour - it's like magic! 
4. Once you are happy with the image, cut it out and mount it on to more card using ZIG® 2 Way Glue with a fancy ribbon or just leave it as it is. 

Pretty straight forward?

I hope you've had fun and are inspired to create something similar. 

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Look out for another post tomorrow around the same time :)