Sunday, 30 June 2013


Spanish Design Team Member Cecilia Sanchez has created this lovely project for us and another one which will be on the Blog tomorrow at 17:00.

Step-by-step guide by Cecilia:
  1. First, I draw a car in the DM panel and cut it with my electric saw.
  2. I paint with different colors of ZIG Woodcraft Markers.
  3. Even, the paint can be extended with my fingers, I love it!!!
  4. All painted
  5. To make the hanger, I used 3 wooden knobs which I sanded.
  6. And I painted them in red using the ZIG Woodcraft Marker.
  7. Add some holes with the drill and screw the knobs into place.
  8. And the final result.

 Thank you Cecilia - we love it :) 

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Back tomorrow :)