Thursday, 27 June 2013

 Press those Buttons... 

The lovely Kirsten Stackhouse has been a very busy bee this month but has some how found the time to send us this amazing project idea and a second one (will be on the blog Friday 28/06)

Description by Kirsten:

One of the most fun projects I work on are my buttons. Now, as I mention in this video - you do require a button machine to actually press the button. But you CAN make designs like I did in the video and send them away to be pressed into buttons - featuring your artwork! This time of year I help out with many spring events/proms/dances and flower buttons are a hit! I've used the ZIG Writer pens (Rose and Teal) and some light coloured ZIG Art and Graphic Twins to create my design here. Enjoy!


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Thanks for reading/watching. We'll be back tomorrow with yet another fantastic creation :)