Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Crafting for Fathers Day...  

Laurence Colling has designed this lovely textual card for us with Fathers Day in mind... 


Father's day is round the corner and today, I'd like to show you how I made a card and more generally how to make your own embellishments with Kuretake products

 1) I used the ZIG® Brush writer to write the word "you" inside of a square on cardstock. Then I cut out the inside with a craft knife. The ZIG® brush writer is just perfect to create this type of embellishment as depending on the pressure you have either a thin or a thicker line.


 2) Then I used the ZIG® Scroll and Brush pen to draw "wavy" lines on a scrap of white paper.


3) You may gather other embellishments such as buttons, tags, fabrics, stamped images… and glue them (or you sew them) on your card. You  may use coloured cardstock or spray ink on white cardstock.


3) I added small circles with ZIG® Painty FX in white, which is opaque on my sprayed background. Each circle is outlined with ZIG® Photo Signature pen in black

Thank you Laurence for yet another lovely creation, we look forward to seeing more. 

If you too would like to have a go at creating a card like this, then check out our ZIG products here

Thanks for taking a look, speak to you all soon :)