Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Turning art into Jewelry!

Spanish Design Team Member Cecilia Sanchez has made this very girly item... Low and behold it's a ring. I love this! 

To create this all you need is 5, yes that's right, just FIVE easy steps...

1-     Using white card stock, a base of a ring, a piece of transparent resin and ZIG® Millenium Green. 

2-      Begin doodling. 

3-      Image three is the finished doodle.

4-      Glue the resin with glossy accent, choosing the best part of the doodle.

5-      When it dries, cut around the resin and fix the piece over the ring.

Thank you Cecilia. 

If any of our lovely readers has a go at this, please let me know, we would love to see the finished product!

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Bye for now, Becki x