Thursday, 16 May 2013

Seriously cool idea...

Belgium Design Team Member Laurence Colling has come up with this very creative note pad. Have a read to see how Laurence has created it...

Material: ZIG® H2O brush, ZIG® Kurecolor Ink Cobalt blue, watercolor crayons or ZIG® Art& Graphic Twins, watercolor paper, eyelets, embellishments (stamp by Hero Arts "Please Notes", stencil Hero Arts, flowers, buttons, …)

Stencils are usually used with spray ink or with a sponge and acrylic paint. Today I'd like to show you that you can also use them differently for a different result.

1) Place your stencil on your card or the cover of your notebook.
Using your ZIG® H2O brush, you can grab the color directly from your watercolor crayons or from the ZIG® Art & Graphic Twins and paint your background with the help of your stencil. The ZIG® H2O brush makes it easy to control the water flow so you have different shades of blue: the more water the lighter the color.

2) When dry you can add embellishments (flowers, paper doilies, buttons, stamped images…). I wanted to have eyelets that match the color of my project. I dropped some ZIG® Kurecolor Ink on my craft sheet and used tweezers to dip them directly in the ink.

Tweezers are recommended for small items if you want to  avoid ink on your fingers.

Eyelets before and after coloring them with alcohol ink.

3) Punch holes in the middle of your paper and add the eyelets. Fold your paper and add pages inside for a notebook.

Wow and wow, we love it, thank you Laurence. I think its safe to say that a lot of you will be having a go at this, I know I will be :)

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See you all soon :)