Thursday, 9 May 2013

Planets and Constellations...

For May we set the theme Planets and Constellations and here is what Jaine Drake, one of our European Design Team Members has created for us... 

Don’t think a ZIG® Woodcraft Marker is only for wood. I used mine to cover the entire page of my art journal with black. The big pens have huge nibs which make light work of painting and the colour is totally opaque and gives a wonderful flat mat colour with no overlapping brush marks.

For my planets I used a homemade stencil and a ZIG® Woodcraft Marker in Yarrow. By getting the paint flowing to the nib I could also flick some paint spots onto my page.  I added more paint spots by flicking paint from my ZIG® Posterman Pen.

I used a ZIG® Artist Sketching Pen and ZIG® Painty Marker in blue to add details and the sentence at the bottom with my ZIG® Calligraphy Metallic Pen.

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Thanks for visiting and see you soon. 

Becki x