Monday, 20 May 2013

Layer up... 

American Design Team member, Kirsten Stackhouse has sent me this  work of art which is in keeping with our may theme, planets and constellations. Here is what Kirsten did.... 

Here is my process for making a basic traditional sketch-to-finish character drawing. I use basic recycled paper, a pencil, ZIG®Writer pens, ZIG® Art & Graphic Twin markers, ZIG® Kurecolor Fine and Brush markers, ZIG® Kurecolor Twin markers - and a touch of Photoshop (optional). 

Step 1) The sketch. You can be as messy or as clean as you would like. It can be of anything. Here I decided to draw a girl walking through a star field with a lantern.

Step 2) Once I like my sketch, begin to outline the sketch with ZIG® Writer pens. It's an easy process of just outlining what is already there. The ZIG® Writer pens are the best for this job, as they're waterproof, fade proof, and do not smudge when you colour your picture later.


Step 3) I think of layers when I'm colouring a drawing. The skin layer will go under the hair layer, then the clothes, then the accessories and so forth. So I will colour all the skin pieces before I move on to the hair, then the rest. I use the ZIG® Kurecolor Fine & Brush markers to colour in the skin completely, I allow it a few minutes to dry, and then I use the same colour to go over the areas of skin that should be shaded to build a darker colour there. It's also fun to experiment with other colours (try a muted purple or blue) to shade skin. 

Step 4) Hair. I use quick, fast swipes of the ZIG®Art & Graphic Twin markers to build the hair. I like to concentrate on the shape of chunks of hair, rather than individual strands. Think of how you want the hair to flow when you're colouring it. 

Step 5) I follow the same technique for the clothes as I do with the skin: use the ZIG® Kurecolor Fine & Brush and ZIG® Kurecolor Twin markers to colour, I allow it a few minutes to dry, and then use the same colour to go over the areas that should be shaded. It works like a charm.

And there is your finished character drawing! IF you want to put in online as I do, however, I have an additional tip for those with access to Photoshop!

Optional Step 6) Scan your picture and open it in Photoshop (or another image editing program) and go to Image > Adjustments > Hue/Saturation (or Levels) and just play around with the options there! It's fun to tweak colours and brighten the background to add a little flare!

Thank you Kirsten, I love what you've done :)

Thanks for reading everyone. If you too would like to recreate this using out fantastic ZIG® products then please take a look at our shop site here.

Speak soon, Becki x