Wednesday, 1 May 2013

From one Japanese company to another... Meet Momiji.

With the launch of Momiji Dolls latest message doll 'Doodles'  we have teamed up with them to promote their 'Momiji Doodle Contest'.  Where you can win several of our amazing products  including ZIG® Cartoonist Kurecolor Fine and Brush set and a set of five ZIG® Cartoonist Mangaka Pens.

All you have to do is download the doodle sheet from the above link and doodle until your heart is content but be warned the closing date is May 6th 2013. 
Momiji were kind enough to send us two of there Papillon dolls. Here's what they looked like when then came out of their home...
After a few creative hours of 'hard work' Danni, one of our Marketing Exec's created something very special using products from our ZIG® Paint Markers Range

To create the look all you need is:
 Black Medium ZIG® Painty FX for the hair (or you can use the normal ZIG® Painty) which gives it a lovely glossy look. 

 Tie around the hair and bottom of dress in ZIG® Painty Twin Gold and Silver.
The blue coat was coloured in with ZIG® Painty in Blueberry and soft blue for the dots. Around the bottom of the coat Danni used Lavender ZIG® Painty, Deep Forest ZIG® Painty and ZIG® Painty in Metallic Violet. 

The pink coat was with a ZIG® Painty in Azelea. The bottom of it as well as the dots on the coat were also done with a ZIG® Painty but in Flamingo.

Last but not least the skin was done with a ZIG® Painty in Soft Peach. 

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