Friday, 12 April 2013

Twit Twoo!

Hi readers :)
Its Friday and I have this amazing post to to share with you and the rest of world. I just love what Jamie Pope  has done here, its a mixture of everything but I for one love art like this. Thank you Jamie Pope :)
Jamie's inspiration came from owning a 'I'm 2 Pretty To Word' charm which then led on to her using a bare wooden bird she had at home and the rest is history, well apart from the process your about to read anyway.
Jamie started off by using our ZIG® Paint FX in black around the edges of the bird, once dry she used ZIG® Woodcraft Marker in Antique Metallic to add some highlights. Then adding strips of paper from a dictionary, adhered it to the bird with gel medium and left it to dry.
Using her ZIG® Art and Graphic Twin in Cornflour Blue, ZIG® Brushables in Pure Pink and the ZIG® H2O Waterbrush she added colour to the glued pages. Jamie simply brushed the ZIG® H2O Waterbrush against the marker nibs and applied the colour to the pages until she was happy with the outcome.

Next up, was the wings! Jamie took small strips of cardstock and covered them with regular kitchen foil. Then she ran the pieces through her cuttlebug to add some texture. Lastly for the wings she added some colour using her ZIG® Painty FX pen in light blue. Keeping with the steampunk theme, she added a few watch mechanisms to the bottom of the wings and to the tail.


For the eye, Jamie again used a watch piece that she outlined with her ZIG® Painty FX. The hat is a Basically Bare chipboard die cut with a few details around the edge using a ZIG® Chalk Writer in White. Since it was already a sold black chipboard piece, it didn't require a lot of fuss.

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Have a great weekend everyone and enjoy.
Take care and speak to you all soon, bye for now.
Becki x