Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Good morning, good afternoon and good evening to all our readers across the world...

Here is a review of our ZIG® Wink of Stella Brush, which has been reviewed by one of our Spanish Design Team Members, Cuchy Sanchez...

I'm so glad I had the chance to test the new Wink of Stella brushes.

I had 4 colours: Gold, Clear, Pink and Blue...

They are basically the same pen as Wink of Stella, but with a brush tip.
They are waterbased and once dry, permanent.
They have an ink deposit and a valve which let the necessary ink flow towards the brush tip.
You have to remove the black security ring in order to let the ink flow, and push the deposit to pump the ink.

These are the first tests in a MiTeintes Canson paper and watercolour paper.
They really shine!!.
With only a layer, the coverage is great and you can increase the sparkle with new layers.
The brush tip allows to write, draw and paint bigger surfaces than the wink of stella pens.

I found the clear brush the most versatile.
It shines on its own, but also is great for add sparkle to matte colours.

I tested it over ZIG® black brushable pen and it worked great.
Perfect for Christmas images
Over wooden numbers.
I added a layer of varnish and it makes the shine even better.


I also used them in an art journal background over dry acrylic paint.
Again, the clear pen makes the acrylics pop.

Here you have a tag I made using the pens.
I applied a layer of ZIG® Wink of Stella clear over the edges of the embellishments and the cardstock. And used also the wooden numbers painted with ZIG® wink of stella brush in blue . I also painted the snowflake.

I see many possibilities to these new pens.
They are very easy to use.
The ink flows constant.
The colours are so vibrant.
They can be applied to lots of porous surfaces.
They are permanent once dry.
They do not bleed.

My only not-so-positive point is that the deposit is translucent, which makes it difficult to see how much ink is left in it.
Other than that, if you like sparkles, these are your pens.

Thank you Cuchy for an amazing review, we really appreciate you taking the time to do it. 

I'm off to go crazy with a wink of stella or two and I may even pinch your numbers idea - I love the way they shine :)  

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Thanks for reading :)