Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Newspaper Tags with Alby

Alberto Gava - Alby has been busy creating this lovely tag and has written a tutorial for the newspaper background.

What you will need:
-  Newspaper Pages
-  White Card
-  Plastic Sheet or Bag 
-  Spray Bottle filled with Water 
-  ZIG® 2 Way Glue
-  ZIG® Art & Graphic Twins

How To:
Cut your card to the size of the tag you wish for. Then, tear your newspaper into pieces roughly 4cm x 4cm in size and stick them on to your white card using ZIG® 2 Way Glue . Layer and overlap the pieces to create the best effect. Once your tag is fully covered add a layer of PVA glue and allow to dry. 

Take your chosen colours of ZIG® Art & Graphic Twins and scribble your colours onto the plastic bag or sheet. Your ink should remain as a liquid as the plastic will not absorb the ink. 

Take your spray bottle and spray water onto the ink until small water droplets have formed.  

Now take your tag and drag it over the colour a number of times to create a similar effect to this...

You then have the beautiful tag that Alby used as a background to his creation.

To see more of how Alby made this design visit his blog here.