Friday, 21 December 2012

Mount Stewart Junior School

Earlier this year Kuretake donated its discontinued stock to the Mount Stewart Junior School’s Art Club, in Harrow. The discontinued stock included pens and traditional Japanese papers. 

 The club decided that they needed a new challenge and took it upon themselves to tackle the daunting task of Japanese culture. 

“Japan is a country that many people do not visit and for that reason I wanted the children to understand some of the country's traditions and in contrast to make the children aware of Japan's great contribution to the world of technology, which they come into contact with every day.

 The Japanese landscape is very different from our own.  Japan has a large population and experiences earthquakes and tremors.  It was a good opportunity to highlight engineering skills, used to design superb trains and bridges.” Joy Rickman, Art and Design Instructor

The club were inspired by the artist Emily Allchurch and her mix media imagery of Japan. This style leant well to having a collaborative project with many children working in a number of different mediums.

Each child was responsible for their own smaller project and researched their subject to create the best overall image that could then be added to the huge montage of work. 


“I enjoyed drawing the Blossom tree and colouring it. I learnt that Japan has amazing electronics, amazing buildings and the beautiful environments! I wish I could go to Japan.” Ola

 "The Japanese project was a wonderful experience for me because I was able to use two different brush pens as well as discovering new amazing techniques and textures" Zoya 

The club had many supporters along the way. The Japan Information and Cultural Centre and the Japan Society helped in the initial stages with providing as much information as possible so the children could really understand Japanese culture. The club also had the help of Gerald Craig a professional artist who donated time to help with research and other volunteers including Ria Qazi. 


“I learnt that Japan has lots of specialities in theatres, electronics, cars and landmarks. I also learnt that you have to take time when you are doing art. I enjoyed seeing all of the parts being put together to make the big masterpiece.“ Chanel

“The Japanese project took three months to complete.  It would not have been possible without the extraordinary talent, patience and enthusiasm of the children and I am very proud that their hard work is to be displayed” Joy Rickma

“I did the Temple which is the largest wooden building in the world. It was an amazing experience and the angles were hard to draw but they turned out great! The pens I used were a pleasure to work with. The project was great fun.” Anuska

“I enjoyed myself by getting sticky, messy and creative I learnt how to use different techniques like blending colours.” Yashvi


Kuretake are so impressed with the level of talent and are overwhelmed by the time and effort the children of the Art Club took. What do you think? We would love to hear your feedback. 

To see all of the amazing photos of this wonderful project please visit our Pinterest folder here