Saturday, 29 December 2012

Konnichiwa To You All

Hi Everyone, it's Kim Dellow here with a Japanese inspired make using the ZIG Memory System Scroll and Brush pens.

The ZIG Memory System Scroll and Brush pens come with two nibs, one is a brush and the other is an indented calligraphy tip so perfect for a bit of calligraphy, both Italics and brush! But also great for some flowers too!

I did mark up my card with pencil lines before starting the 'Hello' in calligraphy, just for a little bit of guidance for the writing.

I used two flower forms for the Sakura, the first one uses a ZIG Memory System Calligraphy pen to do the 'C' petal then I used the Brush end of the ZIG Memory System Scroll and Brush pen to add more detail.

The second Sakura uses the a bit of blending of a light pink onto the darker pink ZIG Memory System Scroll and Brush pen.

and then I used the blended scroll to draw 'C' shapes.

I cut out the Sakura and shaped them with a large ball embossing tool before sticking them onto the stems drawn with a green brush nib.

The finishing touches were added with some touches of pink on the Italics calligraphy with the brush nib and then writing the 'Japan' brush calligraphy with the brush nib.

I do love a bit of cherry blossom!

Thanks for popping in.