Wednesday, 28 November 2012

ZIG Emboss Pens

Hello there, it's Jaine here with hopefully a little inspiration. I imagine most of you are well into your Christmas preparations and you're frantically making those cards??

I thought I'd show you a card made using the Emboss Pens.  These are so handy, coming in packs of 4 with 8 different tips for different effects.  Here I'll show you just one way you can use them.

I love this stamp but it's huge and all I really wanted to use was the tree. Normally this would be a tricky job and I would most likely have to stamp it and cut the tree out, but the emboss pens make this stage so much easier.

I took the fat bullet tip and used it to go over the part of the stamp I wanted to use.

As you can see, once I'd sprinkled it with powder and heat embossed it, the image was perfect.  If at all you do miss a bit you can use the finest tipped pen to draw in the lines and touch up with more powder (don't linger too long with the heat gun over what you've already done as it may flatten the embossing).

Next I cut out my tree with a label embossing die.  With the die still in place I drew inside the die using it like a template, with the smaller calligraphy tipped pen.

I took off the die and sprinkled more powder over the pen mark and embossed it.

I'd like to wish you all a happy crafty Christmas and I hope I've managed to inspire you.

Jaine x