Friday, 16 November 2012

Thanksgiving Card Tutorial with Jamie Cripps

Jamie Cripps has been busy creating this beautiful card ready for Thanksgiving. She has also added a  step-by-step guide so you too can create this unique piece.
Kuretake Supplies:

Geranium Red 264 and Brown 705 Kurecolor Ink 

Marker: 705 Brown Kurecolor Marker
Watercolour System BrushH2O Medium
Adhesive: 2 Way Glue Chisel Tip

Other Supplies:

Dies: Swirly Card Leaf by Samantha Walker (Silhouette)
Thanksgiving Word Group by Samantha Walker (Silhouette)
Cardstock: Cream and Brown (Momenta)
Other: H2O Twinkle (Creative Imaginations)
Tutorial Steps:

  1. Using the negative space from the Swirly Leaf Cut, place the cut over a piece of cardstock. Place a few drops of the Brown Kurecolor ink on a piece of wax paper and ink the foam dauber.
  2. Rub around the edges with the brown color, creating darker areas around the edges and lighter in the middle.
  3. Add a few drops of the Red Kurecolor ink and with a new foam dauber add in the red coloring. 
  4. Remove the template from your cardstock.
  5. Fussy cut the image from the cardstock as shown.
  6. With the Brown Kurecolor marker, use the chisel tip side to ink around the edges.
  7. Place the fussy cut leaf under the regular die cut swirly leaf. Use the Brown Kurecolor ink to go over the die cut to fill in the white swirls.
  8. Spread the H2O Twinkle over the leaf with the Medium BrushH20 to give it a slight shimmer.
  9. Go over all the areas with your waterbrush, bringing in the brown inked edge color from the sides too.
  10. 12. Allow your leaf to dry them add it to your card and decorate as desired.
    To see more of Jamie's designs visit her blog here.