Friday, 30 November 2012

Faux Stained Glass with Cuchy

M. Carmen Sánchez – Cuchy has created a wonderful piece using ZIG® Painty markers. Cuchy has made this piece from a shadow box.

Take the glass out off the box and put a stained glass pattern underneath, so you can use the image as a template. (Cuchy found her image here: )
Secure the glass with tape. We recommend placing the design on the side that will be facing into the box for a more authentic look.

Start tracing the edges with your black ZIG® Painty marker, and then fill the image with your favourite Painty colours. Let it dry.

 Once dry turn your design over and place back into the box and it should look something like this...

 To see more of Cuchy's wonderful designs have a look at her blog here.