Sunday, 23 September 2012

A Halloween pumpkin using Fine and Brush pens

 Halloween season has started and to kick things off I thought I'd create a couple of pages in my journal and show you how I use the Fine and Brush pens as I go along.

Fine and Brush pens are alcohol based markers with a thin end and a fatter end rather like the Kurecolor twin pens but the difference between them is on the nib.  These pens were originally designed for Manga artists who draw and colour from fine detail to broad sweeping strokes.  The fatter end is a flexible brush end which is an absolute dream to use.  Being flexible it's possible to achieve some beautiful painterly effects and being rubber tipped you get perfect marks every time.

Writing with them is gorgeous and on smooth card or paper they glide over the surface making it possible to create some cool writing for your journals, cards or scrap pages.

For drawing and colouring though they're dreamy and I thought I'd show you how I made my pumpkin head.

With the fine end I drew out my pumpkin head shape.

I coloured the whole shape in with the fatter brush end.  This is only the first layer of colour so it does look patchy at this point.

I went over the whole pumpkin again then concentrated on emphasizing the shaded areas.  I kept going back over these parts again until I had the shading I wanted, blending each layer into the one below.  It didn't matter that I went over my lines as I was to cut out the image afterwards anyway.

Here I've cut around the pumpkin and cut out the features with a scalpel.  I used the pen to go around the cut edges to hide the white paper. I also used the thin end to redefine the lines.

I then used my pumpkin head in my journal, adding some cut out's from a magazine and writing the journaling on the page with the Fine and Brush too.

Give them a go, they're gorgeous pens to use.

Jaine x