Monday, 20 August 2012

Using Calligraphy Pens to Create A Wedding Card

Hello .....
I hope you have been enjoying the wedding tutorials and they have inspired you to pick up your Kuretake pens and get creative!

Today I would like to share my wedding tutorial using the  ZIG Memory System Calligraphy pens.  I love using these pens as they create really fun effects just by simply 'mixing' them together.

First you need to decide how tall you want to make the writing.  A good way of doing this is mark some squares on the side of a piece of card in a ladder shape using the width of the pen nip.  Then draw some faint lines with a pencil .

Next the fun begins!  Choose two pens and hold one on top of the other on the left hand side, as shown in photo below.  Repeat with another colour pen on the right hand side.

The colours I have used are :
Hyacinth, Pure Pink and Metallic Silver

Next holding your pen at a 45 degrees angle, write the word 'Wedding'.  Add a line to the top of the first 'd'  As before add some silver to the middle of the pink pen.  Hold the pen in position at the end of the line and turn the page to create a petal. Repeat until you have all the desired petals.

Take the pale mint calligraphy pen and using the fine nib, doodle some flourishes.  Create some more flowers and leaves, add some tiny squares as decoration.

Take the Pure Pink pen and lightly press the wide nib on to the left side of the 'W' to create some lines.

Finish the card by embellishing with some silver gem stones.

Well I hope you are inspired to create a card for somebodies special day with the calligraphy pens

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Beckie :)