Saturday, 11 August 2012

Fabric tags with Fabricolor pens.

I'm a huge fan of collecting clothes labels especially fabric ones.  The trouble is I tend to squirrel them away and not use them for fear of never finding another again!! Stupid I know but there we are.

There is a way I can have it all though by making my own labels.  Here I've taken a few of my favourites and re-created them with some white cotton fabric, Fabricolor pens and a few stamps. 

It is possible to ink up the stamp with colour from your Fabricolor pen and stamp directly onto the fabric.  Once the stamp was loaded with colour I just gave it a quick 'huff' (technical term for hot breath) then stamped onto the fabric. I cut my fabric to the size I wanted and added it to a piece of card. 

As well as stamping I also used the pens in the usual way and created freehand flowers and a faux stitched border to this one. 

I gave them a quick iron to seal the ink although as a tag for scrapbooking or crafting this isn't stricktly necessary.

Have fun with your Fabricolor pens.

Jaine x