Thursday, 19 July 2012

Using ZIG Art and Graphic twin pens

I thought that while sharing my layout with you I'd show you how I used my Art and Graphic twin pens to create it. 

As my base I took an A4 piece of watercolour paper (all my layouts are on this size).  I scribbled patches of colour on my craft mat and sprayed with some water to make a puddle of colour. 

I then swiped and dipped my paper into it randomly to add colour.  I let each colour dry on the paper before adding the next so as not to contaminate colours. 

To add interest to the background I added some stamping.  I coloured directly onto the stamp with my pens. By doing this you can add several colours to the stamp at the same time if you want to but as I only wanted a background image I stuck to using one colour.

I wanted to add some stamped images to my layout so I used a waterproof ink to stamp onto watercolour paper and scribbled some colour from the pens onto a plastic lid.  I used my waterbrush to pick up some colour and paint onto the image.

Mixing and blending colours is no problem and here while the paint was still wet I blended in some bright red to the flowers.

I cut out my images and layered them up on the layout.

Here's a closer look at the background stamps again.

I hope you enjoyed my tutorial and it's inspired you in some way to use the Art and Graphic twin pens.  
I also used Artists Sketching pens to add the border and journaling. The stamps used in this tutorial are by Sarah Hurley and are called Woodland Whimsies.


Jaine x