Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Doodling with ZIG Brush Writers

Today I would like to share with you the fabulous ZIG Brush Writers. 

These Brush Writers are filled with ink and they flow so beautifully on to the page. The fine tip is made up of little bristles and you can achieve a variety of different sized lines with them.  I have really enjoyed doodling with them and creating some fun flowers.

Here you can see the different line widths that the Brush Makers can make to create the stems, leaves and petals.

To create the flowers, lightly press the tip of the pen on to the paper and then flick it upwards, as though you are doing  'tick'.  Repeat this as you turn the paper. 

You can then mix the colours to create a centre for the flower.  
Of course being named Brush Writer we need some writing!  These pens are perfect for creating some fancy writing which would be fab for adding titles on a scrapbook page or in a journal.

Here I mixed in the stunning gold brush writer.  The metallic Brush Writers are simple stunning, the rich ink allows smooth lines and the position of nib allows you to add some flourishes and swirls to your lettering.

You can find more information and purchase these pens {HERE} or if you are liking the metallic versions then you can find them {HERE}

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