Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Tutorial: Basically Bare And Kuretake Album Cover

Hey Everybody, Kim Dellow here, how do you fancy a bit of album decorating today? I recently used one of the Basically Bare albums you can get from the Kuretake Shop using Kuretake ZIG pens and I thought I would share how I put the front cover together.

You will need:
Water bottle spray
PVA glue
Make up Sponges (or Cut N' Dry)
Old book and map pages
Craft knife
Heat tool (optional)
Craft sheet, or plastic bag
Cotton bud

Step 1 - Remove The Cover
Carefully take the Basically Bare Booklets Simply Shapely album apart, you don't have to but I just find it easier and cleaner to work on the pages separately.

Step - 2 Cover The Cover

Using diluted PVA glue start glueing down the old book and map pages to the front cover.

Scrunch up the pages as you go along to add texture to the finished cover. Leave the cover to dry before trimming the extraneous papers and painting with Gesso.

Step 3 - Colouring Time!

I added the colour one layer at a time with the lightest colour first and building up the colour gradually to the darkest colour. Starting with the ZIG Art and Graphic Twin Pen 43, scribble it onto the craft sheet and spritz with water. Press the cover into the droplets of colour and then use the heat tool to dry. Repeat this to get a bit of droplet texture on the cover then use the ZIG Art and Graphic Twin pen directly onto a make-up or Cut N' Dry sponge and dab it onto the cover, building up more colour.

Move onto the ZIG Memory System Calligraphy Pens and finish by carefully touching the ZIG Calligraphy Black pen to the edges and the raised creases of paper.

Step 4 - Prepare The Gear

Use the large heart from the Basically Bare Heart Set 1 as a template on the large Basically Bare Gears Set 1.

Using the craft knife cut into the top layer of the corrugated card.

Peel off the top layer to expose the corrugation below.

Step 5 - More Colouring

Cover the heart gear with Gesso and let it dry. Colour the heart with the ZIG Caligraphy pens on a cotton bud to get between the corrugations. Then add a touch of ZIG Posterman White onto the top of the corrugations. Add colour to the rest of the gear with the ZIG Art and Graphic Twin pens on a sponge and build up the colour as in Step 3. When the gear is dry stick it to the front cover. Use the pens to colour the small felt button, tie it with a thread and stick the button to the heart. Finish with a sentiment, written with the ZIG Memory System Writer black pen and ink the edges with the ZIG Memory System Scroll and Brush Pen.

Hope you enjoyed this little look-see into how I made the cover, there are a couple of other pages from the album in this post.