Thursday, 10 November 2011

Live, Love, Create Tag

This is such a fun and easy mixed media tag to create using ZIG Memory System Writers on acrylic, and ZIG 2 Way Glue!


ZIG Memory System Writer: Black
ZIG 2 way Glue Squeeze & Roll
ZIG Emboss Powder

Foam adhesive & brush
Heavyweight cardstock
Acrylic paint: sky blue, white, tan,
Paper: Susan K.Weckesser


1.        Take the foam brush and load it with half blue, half white paint. Dab the entire surface of your tag to achieve a speckled effect.

2.        Now do a triple load. Without cleaning your brush dip it in the white paint. Then dip one edge into the blue and the other edge into tan.  The edge of your foam brush will look tan, white, and then blue. Gradually use the same dabbing motions as use go down one side of the tag and across the bottom.

3.        Use the very tip of the foam brush and dip it into the white. Now you can go ahead and in a painting motion paint a couple clouds at the top of the tag.

4. Cut out images and words.

5. Using ZIG Writer, outline the images, the words, and the tag. The pigment of the ZIG Writer is so strong, it will

6. Using ZIG 2 Way Glue Squeeze & Roll, outline the clouds.
7. Sprinkle some ZIG Emboss powder on the glue.
8. Glue on the words.
9. Use foam adhesive to stick on the image to make it pop.

Enjoy your tag! For more creative ideas be sure to come and visit me over on my website. Be sure to check out the Christmas Love Campaign that is starting this week .


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Have a AWESOME day!