Tuesday, 28 July 2015

#ColourJuly Day 28: You Choose! by DT member Jo Nevill

It's day 28 of the Kuretake UK #ColourJuly Art Challenge and today's theme is "You Choose". A nice easy challenge for you to get your creative juices flowing !
To participate just draw or write the theme of the day, hashtag #ColourJuly and 'like' Kuretake UK on Facebook ! You will then be in with a chance of winning a £160RRP prize bundle !!
I've been itching to use these gorgeous stamps by WPlus9 which are right up my street ! 
and, here is how I made my card !
I firstly stamped all the flowers and leaves out I wanted onto a piece of Tim Holtz Distress Watercolor Cardstock.  Out of all my watercolor card, I find this one the best to use with the Zig Clean Colour Brush Pens.
I then die cut the flowers and leaves with the matching dies.
I then painted the flowers with Zig Clean Colour Brush Pens.  I like to scribble on an acrylic block and paint the ink onto the the card. If I want to add depth of colour I then use the pen directly onto the card in the place I want the colour.  I find this technique works best for me.
Heat emboss the sentiment onto a piece of black card with white embossing powder.
I added some splats of black mist to the background and a couple of stamped zig zags.  Arranged the flowers onto another piece of watercolor card and added the sentiment.  The final touch was to add some sparkle with a clear Wink of Stella pen.

Go on, have a go and enter the challenge !!!

Monday, 27 July 2015

SUPERHEROES by Paula #ColourJuly #Superheroes

Hey there guys! It's me again! Today i'm showing you a little ol' tutorial based on the the theme of 


So here we go:
I used:

Kuretake Clean color pens.
Kuretake memory scroll and brush pens.
Kuretake ar and graphic twin pens.
Kuretake Wink of Luna pen.
A marker Pen.
A pencil
A biro
And a secret ingredient!

My first step was to brainstorm ideas, could I draw a nice portrait of batman? yes! Could I draw the backdrop to metropolis? sure! But I didn't want to, I decided to go a little more simple and punchy! So I chose LOGOS.
I Mapped out a few different superhero logos with my pencil, making sure to slightly overlap them but leave some gaps inbetween:
I used my Kuretake scroll and brush pen in black to draw around the outside of the symbols I had just pencilled in, altering any bits as I went along:

I used a mixture of all three different kinds of pens to add colour and depth to my superhero symbols:
Using three different shades of yellow:

Three different shades of red:

And one shade of Green:

I used a biro pen, sketching and cross hatching in from the edges to create a rounded shadowed effect:

I used a marker pen to fill in the negative space, leaving a small border around the symbols so it would stand out.
I used my wink of luna pen in shade SILVER  to add in a few sparkly curves. Now, i haven't used this pen much before. It's a brush nib and you squeeze the ink slowly into the brush and use to your hearts content. This pen is FABULOUS It's highly pigmented, It's soft and easy to get a good curve sweep in with. 10 out of 10:
Now comes my secret weapon: Is it paint? no, is it charcoal? no!  it is in fact: EYESHADOW. I used a silver eyeshadow to add a gunmetal/steel effect in the background to almost age the picture.
Do you like it?
I hope so!
And always remember: 


Thursday, 23 July 2015

#ColourJuly Day 23: Birthday Cards! by DT member Patricia

Hello fellow readers! Hope you're enjoying your day :)

For today's project I'm choosing to make a Birthday Card, day 23 theme's from #ColourJuly, the Kuretake's artsy challenge they proposed this month for us to keep creative. To put together a little piece of art following their themes It's been a great fun so far.

First, material & products used:

- ZIG Kuretake Art & Graphic Twin pens (8, 22, 23, 56, 16, 2, 10)
- ZIG Kuretake Clean Color Real Brush (Lilac, 081)
- ZIG Kuretake MemorySystem 2 Way Glue 
- Hero Arts Stamp Set (CL158 Clear Design "Cupcakes").
- A tiny piece of rubber, cut in a triangular shape.
- Washi tape happily patterned.
- Watercolour paper 185g.
- Brush.

Started off by choosing the stamps I'll be using for my project, some little cupcakes. I'll be inking with my ZIG Art & Graphic Twin pen (8), stroking the brush tip against the rubber in light touches, so the ink is placed uniformly. It works so well and the image really gets sharply printed on my paper.
Then, used my bright colors (ZIG Kuretake Art & Graphic Twin pens 16, 22, 23) on the little piece of rubber, and made some stamping on my watercolor paper, looking like this:
I used this pattern for the cupcakes icing (really looks lovely, and you just can play and stamp with more shapes, or even sizes):

Put more vibrant and solid colour to some details, like the tiny heart and the flower on top. Mixed water with ink for the heart, using a brush. 
I coloured the flower with that ink+water technique, then added a lilac tone to the petals, so it looks eye-catching, with the Clean Color Real Brush pen (Lilac, 081).
Inked then the rest of the stamps, and carefully painted the little details that will be on top of the cupcakes.
Put together the two pieces of each cupcake adding small dots of the 2 Way Glue pen. In such occasions, when I need small amounts of glue to stick together two small parts of something, this pen just saves my life. Applied pressure for only a couple of seconds and the cupcakes look gorgeous in one piece (Note: decided to cut out the plate of one of the cupcakes, tho).
The sentiment is glued aswell, on some ripped strands of washi paper, to add more colour to the composition. 
Finished! :D

Close details: 

Looking good! Totally in love with that crispy stamping the ink from the pens leave when you use them painting a block stamping.

Hope everyone felt inspired and enjoyed this card tutorial :) Thank you for reading!


Saturday, 18 July 2015


To get your creative juices flowing this summer, we’re giving you the chance to win yourself £160 worth of Kuretake products through our #ColourJuly competition. Whatever your age, skill levels or style, we want to see the artwork from you!

To enter simply:
1) Create a piece of artwork from our theme table shown above.
2) Like/Follow one of our social media pages (links shown below).
3) Upload artwork onto your account, tag us in the post and add #ColourJuly to make sure we see your entry!
4) 1 artwork = 1 entry into the draw for the prize bundle.

**TOP TIP** Remember, the more you post, the better chance you've got of winning this fantastic prize bundle!

Our social media links are:- 
Twitter @Kuretake_ZIG
Instagram @Kuretakezig
Facebook @Kuretake UK

Terms and Conditions:

Competition closes on 30th July 2015 at 23:59 (GMT) and winners will be selected at random on the 31st July 2015. Competition entrants will be accepted worldwide.

  1. The promoter of the #ColourJuly Competition is Kuretake UK Ltd, Unit 1 Moons Park, Burnt Meadow Road, North Moons Moat, Redditch, Worcestershire, B98 9PA.
  2. Entries must be received by 30th July 2015.
  3. Entrants under the age of 16 must have permission from their parent or guardian, who must also agree to the Terms and Conditions.
  4. All entries will be selected at random by Kuretake UK Ltd.
  5. Kuretake UK Ltd reserves the right to use any entries to market the competition or showcase the work. This includes, but it not limited to, website, email, press, social media and printed materials.
  6. All images submitted must be the work of the individual submitting them and must not have been published elsewhere.
  7. The decision of Kuretake UK Ltd is final. Neither correspondence nor discussion concerning any decision shall be entered into.
  8. The winners will be notified by email or direct message within 30 days of the competition closing date.
  9. If the winners do not respond within 14 days, Kuretake UK Ltd will select an alternative winner.
  10. Prize bundle includes: 80x Clean Color Real Brush, 15x Wink of Stella, x2 Millenniums, x2 Bimoji’s, x2 Water BrusH2O’s and is worth £160 RRP.
  11. We reserve the right to amend these rules at any time and to cancel or amend the competition if for any reason we believe it cannot be conducted fairly or in accordance with these Terms and Conditions because of events beyond our control.
  12. By entering the competition entrants will be deemed to have accepted and agreed to be bound by these Terms and Conditions.

Friday, 17 July 2015

#ColourJuly Day 17: A famous land mark! by Veerle Moreels

Hi, today it’s my turn again to show you a step by step. As the themes for this month are traveling and holidays I have chosen to make a card for the birthday of someone who loves to travel to Paris.
I used the stampset Cityscapes of Tim Holtz.
First step is to get the stamp inked up and stamp it onto watercolor paper. I chose to use my Zig art and graphic twin black marker since they have a really nice fine tip that made it possible to color everything except the Eifel tower. To color the Eifel tower I used the Zig Calligraphy golden marker.  The ink of the Zig Art and graphic marker stays wet for a longer time so I colored the black first. The ink of the Zig Calligraphy dries very fast. So it’s important to go over the tower twice  and breath on the colored stamp before you stamp it onto your paper.

The breathing part… you know when you were a little kid and you used to breath on the windows (your mother  just had cleaned) so you were able to write in it? That’s the kind of breathing we want onto our stamp. The moist in your breath will activate the inks so you can stamp.
When I had everything stamped I masked of a circle on top of the Eifel Tower. That part will stay white and create a moon for me.
To Color the sky I used another Zig art and graphic marker ( nr63). Instead of picking up the color using a regular brush and water I used the clear Zig wink of Stella. This way I end up with a nice soft twinkling sky.

Be aware that the stamped image will react with the Wink of Stella since it’s stamped using the Zig art and graphic marker! So be careful when you get close to the stamped image. But since the Wink of Stella has a very fine tip you can easily get in between all the details.
I always wet my paper before putting down the color to get it flowing easily. I stayed away from the edge when I got the paper wet, and used the flat waterbrush to do so. Even though my bristles are colored from a previous project they do not release that color anymore.

To color the ground I used the gray Zig art and graphic marker nr 74. I scribbled some color onto a clear piece of acrylic an picked it up with a regular brush and water.

If you have some areas  that didn’t get stamped down well enough, since there is some structure in the watercolor paper, you can always fix them using a Zig millennium marker. I used the 01 for this.
All I had to do now was get a sentiment on my card. No stamp this time, I decided to write one myself. I used the Zig millennium marker. First I wrote the sentiment using the nr 05 and I made some parts a bit bigger using the finer marker  01.
Just had to glue it down on a card base and I was ready.

Materials used
Zig art and graphic twin nrs 9 – 63 – 74
Zig Calligraphy metallic colours ~ gold
Zig Wink of Stella  ~ clear
Zig Millenium 01 – 05

Thursday, 16 July 2015

#ColourJuly Day 16: The Sky

Hello fellow readers!

Today I'm bringing  you another piece of art I put together for# ColourJuly art challenge; This time is an illustration I did for day 16th, that fits the theme suggested, "The Sky". Yes, The Sky with capital letters, as this Sky I drew is something special, something filled with nice things, nightmares not allowed :)

First step,  we choose our pens and materials:

- Tissue paper.
- Watercolour paper.
- 0,5 Mechanical pencil.
- ZIG Art & Graphic Twin pens (6, 8, 16, 23, 37 & 56).
- Brush.
- A bit of white ink for corrections and small details.
- Confetti stars.
I wanted to create an effect, similar as those faded yet brilliant colours that compose the called Aurora Borealis. Therefore, I put into practice a technique I really enjoyed the results I get from it: I marked with dots of my selected colours my tissue paper, using my ZIG Art & Graphic Twin pens, and then sprayed  a bit of water, wrinkled the paper to create a texture and then pressed my  watercolour paper against that. I use another piece of scrap paper to hold it tight, and a few books to put more pressure. Then waited till it was starting to get dry, so the most part of the ink traveled to my paper. It was an experiment, but I think it worked really nice. I was satisfied with the colourful shapes I got for my Sky.
I wanted a Moon, so I used a paper punch to get a perfect circle. And did the same technique, This time using a grey tone (ZIG Art & Graphic, 8) as you can see:
It was surprising, how nice my Moon turned (or at least that's what I think :D)! I even got a few craters, and interesting shadows :) 
It was time to start sketching the other part of my drawing, or maybe I should start calling it collage :) Let my imagination to run free and this is what I got in return:
So when I was happy with my sketch, I inked it using my ZIG Art & Graphic, 8. Added colour later, mixing my pens ink with water, applying that mixture with a brush. Tried to put some gradations using combos of two pens in some places (Orange + Pink for the mountains; Green + Grey for the trees). It's great the effect you get when you apply water to dry ink (around the house, it gets faded really nicely).
Traced the hair shape then, and cut both pieces out. So, at that moment, my design looked like that.
I still needed some details, like the tiniest shooting stars.
Confetti stars and clouds I made from scrap paper...
Even stairs, going up, up! :)
Put all those elements together, carefully glued the small pieces with my ZIG MemorySystem 2 Way Glue pen (day after day I love this glue more and more).
Thanks so much, I really hope you liked what I created for the blog today, and I got to inspire you to get your pens and start drawing and experiment :)

Sleep well, have nice dreams :D