Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Decorated Eggs

Good morning!  
I have always loved looking at all the different coloured Easter eggs that appear around Easter time.  So this year I decided to have a go myself.

*** These eggs are for decoration purpose only ***

First of all your need to 'blow' the yoke and egg white out of the egg!  
Next I filled a old plastic food package with water and dropped in some different coloured {Kurecolor Ink}.

I then gently placed my egg in the water and rolled it around, allowing the ink to cling to the egg.  You need to be fairy quick when doing this but at the same time being careful with the egg!!

I then left the eggs to dry before I started to decorate them with more solid images using the {Zig Painty Pens} and the gorgeous {Zig Wink of Stella Brush Pens}

So now I have my own decorated eggs for decorating this year.

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Saturday, 5 April 2014

As we're gearing up for Easter, I thoughts I'd share with you a simple and fun decoration piece that you can make.  How cute would this look as a table centerpiece or on a mantle? So let's jump right on in and let's see how this was created.

I found this cute little metal tin a few weeks ago and knew it had to come home with me.  And I found the perfect use for with this Easter project.  I used my Orange ZIG Kurecolor Alcohol Ink to color the entire tin, then gave it a light spritz with regular household alcohol to give it a spotted effect.

Next up, I adhered a cute trim around the upper edge of the tin.

Now, you all know that I will add glitter to anything that doesn't move, and this project is no different.  I used my ZIG 2 Way glue Pen to add a thin layer of adhesive to several styrofoam eggs.  To make this job less messy, I inserted a toothpick into the egg and held the toothpick to keep my fingers clean.  Once the eggs were covered in adhesive, I coated each in a different color of glitter.  I then stuck the toothpicks into a piece of foam and let the adhesive dry.

Going back to the bucket, I filled it with Easter grass.

I then painted a wooden dowel rod with my Green ZIG Painty FX pen.  Once the paint was dry, I inserted the dowel rod into the tin.

Next up, I carefully removed the eggs from the toothpicks and placed them in the tin around the dowel rod.
Using a die-cutting machine, I cute out two identical shapes from cardstock, stamped the sentiment using a Black ZIG Writer, then added a line of glitter glue around the edges.

Once the glitter glue was dry, I used my ZIG 2 Way Glue pen again to adhere the two die-cuts together, but leaving a small piece on the bottom open so that it can be attached to the dowel rod.

Lastly, I simply adhered the die-cut piece to the dowel rod and then added a small flower for accent.

A wonderfully cute piece and easy enough that even the kids couple help :)

Project by Jamie Pope. 

All items are available online at www.kuretakeshop.co.uk

Friday, 4 April 2014

Easter Friends with Art & Graphic Pens

Hello there!  Not long till Easter and if like me you enjoy sending cards then you are probably starting to make them.

Here is a card made using the {Zig Art and Graphic} pens. These pens give great effects when you add water to them.  After stamping the image in black and embossing it with clear embossing powder I scribbled the brown pen on to a non porous surface.  Here I am using a glass mat.  Next I picked up some of the colour using the {Zig Waterbrush}

Colour in each of the bears applying more colour where you require shading until you have coloured everything in.  Mat the finished picture on to cardstock when dry.

The {Zig Art & Graphic} pens can create a mottled background too.  For this you need to colour a mixture of pens on to the glass mat then spritz it with some water.  Then gently lay your cardstock on top and the colour will transfer to it.  You will need to leave it to dry before you glue anything to it.

When it is dry then you can add some patterned paper and the topper and your card is finished.

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Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Eggcellent by Jamie Pope...

Easter is just around the corner, so I thought I'd get a heard start on creating some decorations.  So today I have three eggs, each decorated in a style.  So let's jump right on in and see how these wonderful eggs were created.

I started with a wooden egg and painted it entirely with my Iris ZIG Painty pen. Once the egg is painted, set it aside to dry.


Once the paint is thoroughly dry, apply a design adhesive to the egg.  For this egg, I chose a flower design.


 Next, I simply covered the design adhesive with multiple colors of glitter.


Simply repeat the process of applying the design adhesive and covering it with glitter until the entire egg is decorated.


For the second egg, I started with painting it with my Silver ZIG Painty Pen.  Paint the entire egg in silver, then set aside to dry.


While the egg is drying, I took a butterfly die-cut and inked it with a ZIG Glitter Orange Wink of Stella Brush Pen.  While the ink was still wet, I added in a bit of red glitter for contrast.


Once the paint was dry on the egg, I wrapped it a bit of baker's twine, added a large butterfly, the smaller yellow butterfly and some mini letters for a sentiment.


And for the last egg, I colored it entirely with a ZIG Glitter Orange Wink of Stella Brush Pen.


Once the ink has dried, I used a Black ZIG Painty FX pen to create polka dots over the entire egg. Set the egg aside for a few minutes to let the paint dry.


Once the paint is dry, I added a couple of strips cut from the edge of punchinella, some crystals and a bit of pom-pom trim.


Three uniquely different Easter egg designs, but each with a fun and festive flair.

So what are you making for Easter this year?

Thank you Jamie Pope for a 'cracking' Easter themed project. If our lovely readers would like to buy any of these amazing products, you can find them at kuretakeshop.co.uk

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Just For Mum

Mum's are great!  So at this time of year thoughts turn to our Mum's as Mother's day is just around the corner (well in the UK!) 
So here I am today to share with you a little card I made for Mothering Sunday

I just love all the different typed of swirls, dots and flowers that you can create with these pens.  
First I drew some swirls using the scroll side of the 'scroll & brush' pen.
Next I blended two of the pens together and then drew some more swirls.  Blending to pens together is really simple and gives some great effects.  You can see a video {HERE} on how to do it.

Then I added hearts and flowers with the pens and accented some of them with the Wink Of Stella brush.  There is another video {HERE} on how to make the flowers on the Kuretake website.

I wanted to change my white alphabet to something that would fit in with the colour of my card so i painted over the letter with the Zig Wink Of Stella pen.  Before it dried I lightly  rubbed my finger over the top to remove the deep colour.  It still left a soft sparkle on the letter though!

I finished the card off by outlining the edge of the white card with the green brush & scroll pen and added some adhesive gems.

There are more tutorials on the Kuretake website so if you'd like to learn more then head on over {HERE}
Have fun creating

Thursday, 20 March 2014

Loving this little cherub... 

Newest design team member Estella Dee sent me this St. Patrick's Day inspired artwork. Hope you like it as much as I do.

Write up by Estella Dee...

I've been having a hard time coming up with a good subject to sketch for my March projects (inspiration has just not been on my side, in the past week or so), and I have to redo my sketches a couple of times, until my sketch pad was thiiiiiis thin.
Luckily enough, I have managed to sketch a subject that satisfied me. More importantly, I have my Kuretake graphic markers to lighten up my mood (I am still using my good ol' reliable KC-1100, I just love them. Lol).

In this sketch, I used several colours and techniques to achieve shadows and highlights in a manga art.
The first thing anyone should consider in rendering your manga art (or any cartoon) is a good "line art" or sketch. And this is where inking comes in, when a sketch is inked properly, everything will run smoothly. Inking is one of the things which I am not a fan of, but with an awesome ink, it's pretty fun. I have yet to try the ZIG Cartoonist Mangaka Felxible for inking, I have a feeling that they'd just be perfect for manga art.

When you already have a good sketch to work with, I would suggest to apply your light colors first; your yellows and flesh. So that even if you do go over the edges you could still cover it up with your darker colors. I normally start with my skin tones, for this sketch I used the KC-1100 #423 (Vanilla) as base and for the skin shadows the KC-1100 #200 (Pale Pink). After rendering the light areas, you can then work with your darker colors. In this case, my darker colors are #505 (May Green), #506 (Ocean Green), #553 (Emerald Green), for the uniform, #W.07 (Warm Gray 7) for the leggings, and #406 (Cadmium Orange) for the hair.

Applying shadows on the hair can be tricky, but always, remember the number one rule is shadowing: you must know where your light is, that way, you'd know where the shadows will fall. Another tip for creating great shadows is to know where your highlights should be. Highlights are important, because they provide more depth to your sketches. There are several ways you can add highlights to your sketches, one is by applying a lighter shade to the base color, or you could also use a blender, like what I did. When I add highlights to this sketch, I used the tip most part of the Board Tip for more perception.
Lastly, I guess, don't be afraid to shadow (or highlight) your manga art. I know it could be intimidating at times, but have fun with it. Don't think too much about it, commit mistakes, so that the next time you encounter shadowing it would be better. I promise.

Have fun with your markers. I did. Lol.

First Day of Spring

Spring is in the air especially with this fabulous project by the colourful design team member Gina Rose

Write up by Gina

I really enjoyed creating this fun project for today, the first day of Spring! (Hurrah! I love Spring, don't you?!).
I have been avidly adding to my collection of pens just lately, as I just love all of the differing kinds available from Kuretake ZIG!
The black outline drawing is using a ZIG Millennium 1.0 so smooth and lovely to use.  I then used a combination of ZIG Clean Color brush pens with the ZIG Brushables for the start of my colouring.  As the ZIG Clean Colors are water based and the ZIG Brushables are waterproof, they are comfortable side by side as they will not run into one another!
Once dry, I used the ZIG Millennium again, and drew more patterns over the top, for the stripey and circular details.  On the darker green areas, I added some silver pen 'dots' with a painty marker.
For the springy stems of the flowers, I used the thinner end of a green ZIG Art and Graphic Twin, and then ZIG Millennium again, and also for the flower outlines.  Flower colourings are a combination of any of the colour pens.  The smaller words are with ZIG Millennium plus light blue ZIG Clean Color.

Finally I added a sweep of ZIG Brushable in Platinum around the edges of the letters, plus a yummy and zingy sweep of the amazing ZIG Wink ofStella clear brush, for added sparkle!  I think this really helps to make those colours POP!  

When playing with your pens, have an adventure!  Make doodles and practice shapes!  Keep the doodles you like, and refer to them when working on more finished and planned designs.  For my letters today, I made them into a tubular look, by finishing the ends with oval shapes to suggest a 3D element. 

Make your pens work hard for you!  Enjoy all of the exciting effects and combinations..... but I warn you, you'll be back for more!

Have Fun!


Spring Time

Today is the first 'offical' day of spring though all around I have started to see spring sprouting from the ground.
I love all the wild flowers that are around but one of my favourites has to be the Bluebells when they appear. 

To create the background of the layout I used some sequin waste which I coloured on with a green Zig Posterman pen.  As the surface is non porous it takes a while to dry leaving you time to stamp it on to your cardstock.

After creating the background I built up my layout using the Kuretake Scrapbooking Papers.  
To create some little flowers I again used the sequin waste as a stencil and coloured in some some of the whole before drawing petals on a few with a Zig Millenium Pen

I have some fabulous sticker alphabets but not in the colour that I wanted for this layout.  It was so easy to change them to my desired colourr using the Kurecolor pens!  Just simply colour over them before removing them and adding to your layout.

I added some punched out flowers from the scrapbooking papers to add some depth to the layout.

Hope you are inspired to get your cameras out to get snapping some spring flowers and to be able to try out some of these techniques.

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Friday, 14 March 2014

Lighting the way with this idea... 

Another brilliant idea from Jamie Pope...

I have another spring project to welcome in the new season. So let's jump right in on how I made this wonderful candle.

I have many plain jane white candles and was looking for a way to make them a bit prettier.  However because this is something that will be burning, I couldn't add all the normal embellishments.  And because of the waxy surface, most inks will not dry.

However, I know from past experience that alcohol based inks will dry on the candle.  So what better pen to use than my ZIG Kurecolor pens?

I used four colors to ink up my stamp - Blush, Green, Persian Blue and Deep Violet.

Because of the alcohol, the ink dries fairly quickly on the stamp.  So to extend the drying time, I spritzed the stamp with alcohol.  Just regular alcohol from your medicine cabinet. One thing to keep in mind when spraying alcohol - you do not want to inhale it.  It will burn your lungs.  Be sure to spray the alcohol in a well ventilated area and away from yourself.

While the stamp is still wet from being spritzed, stamp the image on the candle.  Because of the curved surface, the image will not be perfect, but that's ok.  Plus, spritzing the stamp with alcohol gives a watercolor effect on the candle, which is an unintended but awesome effect.

Give the candle a few seconds for the ink to dry, then repeat the inking, spritzing, and stamping process

I stamped a total of three images on the candle, all very close together.

What a cute finished project right?

Never be afraid to play and experiment.  You never know what the outcome will be, and in this case I learned how to create a wonderful effect on waxy surfaces with ZIG Kurecolor Pens.